About Us


We are official guides accredited by the Community of Madrid, by the Community of Castilla y León and the Community of Castilla La Mancha, we are also graduates in Art and Tourism. We speak several languages ​​and have been working for many years on our own and for important Spanish and foreign travel agencies.


Given the situation that is being experienced in recent months, we believe that tourism needs to reinvent itself with new proposals, and make visits from other perspectives with smaller groups, where there is more privacy, better treatment because, by being less, we can direct ourselves better and communicate best.

The appointment to start the visits can be in the hotels where the clients stay, inside Madrid, if it is outside Madrid, they would look for a reference point of easy recognition or for the walking tours of basic or specific visits, search a meeting point to facilitate the visit, or the hotel itself.

Within the possibilities of the guide service you could see the possibility of hiring a car with a driver to improve travel or a micro bus, the other possibility is to stay at the train or bus station to go to these destinations outside Madrid.