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Medieval Madrid

The history of the origins of Madrid, the city of the three cultures: Christians, Muslims and Jews and the archaeological remains of the walls.

Madrid of Habsburg Dynasty

The town and court of Madrid from the sixteenth century became the capital of Spain, King Philip II began to live with his court in the city, in the Alcázar, the first works began in<br /> the central district of Madrid, the city of the Habsburgs and the Plaza Mayor (Main Square), as a place for markets, festivals and executions, the Plaza de la Villa, and its narrow streets, churches and convents.

Legends of Madrid

Visit about the oral traditions, stories that historical and fantastic characters of Madrid, street names, the Madrid of the imagination and the popular tradition.

Legendary establishments and shops in Madrid

Tour to learn about the history of these centenary establishments that still continue with the tradition of Madrid's gastronomic specialties, patisseries, restaurants, taverns, shops with traditional costumes such as bullfighters, Spanish capes, liturgical objects ...

Madrid of Bourbon Kings (XVIII-XXI centuries)

Starting in the 18th century, Madrid became the city of the Enlightenment, welcoming foreigners representing embassies from other countries, the rise of Fine Arts, changes in fashion, now of French influence, and our Best Mayor of Madrid, the King Charles III.

Madrid of the XXth century

Modern Madrid, the one that grew from the 19th century, the first expansion of Madrid, the Salamanca district, Colón Square, Castellana and Castilla Square, with new buildings that enrich the city's heritage in the last years.

Madrid Rio Project

Wonderful project and new canalization of the Manzanares river, with walks, gardens, recreation areas, renovation project with its old and newly built bridges, history and evolution.

Madrid of Charles III (XVIII century)

Tour of the places of expansion of the city in the time of Charles III, in the 18th century, the Paseo del Prado, place of intellectuality at that time, Prado Museum, Fountains and Alcalá Gate.

Crimes in Madrid

Criminal acts that became very famous, by the chronicles of each time, the newspapers: murderers, thieves, crimes of passion.

Madrid of the Queen Elisabeth II of Spain (Romantic Madrid)

The Romantic Madrid of the 19th century, the Opera, the fashions, the romantic writers, who left their descriptions of the city at that time, the Bohemian and romantic life.

Literary Madrid

We will visit the Literature neighbourhood that reminds us of figures such as Cervantes, Lope de Vega, Calderón de la Barca, Quevedo, the great writers of the Spanish Golden Age, the life of the theatres, the picaresque of the people of Madrid in theatrical circles, the actors and the theatre representatives.

Films in Madrid

We will visit places in the centre of Madrid, which have been the setting for films by filmmakers like Almodóvar, among others, we will remember famous films and actors from Spanish cinematography.

Famous women in Madrid History

Visit to the center of Madrid, remembering the women who have made history from the 15th to the 20th centuries: Beatriz Galindo, Isabella the Catholic Queen, actresses like María la Calderona, writers like Emilia Pardo Bazán, queens like Margarita de Austrias, or Isabella II , and also the Princess of Éboli, Mariana de Jesús, Duchess of Alba, Countess Duchess of Benavente… Concepción Arenal, Clara Campoamor.

Easter in Madrid

Tour to know the tradition of Easter in Madrid, processions, churches, brotherhoods, iconographies, typical gastronomy at this time.

Christmas in Madrid

Christmas festivities in Madrid, origins, traditions and customs.

Retiro Park

Madrid's emblematic park, former royal heritage, a site reserved for the King and his family, which, from 1931, became a public park, its history, fountains, reserved area, palaces and the famous pond where King Philippe IV used to see its theatrical and nautical shows.

West Park

Madrid Park with its history, near the University City and Moncloa, remains of the Civil War, fountains that remind historical figures related to the history of Latin America, the Rose Garden, the Egyptian Temple of Debod and views over the Royal Palace of Madrid.

Sabatini and Royal Gardens

Gardens of the Royal Palace, today of public access, with fountains, sculptures and a long history, former headquarters of the Carriage Museum of the Royal House.

Museums need to book in advance, including paying tickets before the visit, so it is important to confirm in advance and do the pre-procedures.

Prado Museum

Thyssen Bornemisza Museum

Reina Sofia Museum (contemporary art museum)

Royal Palace and Royal Armoury

Sorolla Museum

Archaeological Museum

Romanticism Museum

Costume Museum

Throughout the year, there are many temporary exhibitions of various themes, which can be visited, some need prior reservation, so it is important to confirm the visit with some time in order to carry out the procedures.

Alcalá de Henares

Birthplace of Cervantes, University, Co-cathedral, Complutum (roman city), Archaeological Museum…

Royal Monastery of the Escorial

Visit to the Royal Monastery of El Escorial, an Unesco Heritage monument in front of Mont de Abantos in the Sierra of Madrid, a place built by King Felipe II for his rest days, and respect for his predecessors, such as Emperor Carlos I, his father and the protection of his family, a symbolic place of the monarchy, is made up of the Palace, the Monastery, the College, the Library, and the Basilica, as well as the gardens that surround the complex. All this decorated by the best artists of the 16th and 17th centuries, following the philosophy of the Counter-Reformation: Velázquez, El Greco, Zurbarán, Tiziano, Lucas Giordano ...


Royal Palace and the Gardens.

Castilla la Mancha


The Medieval City, Cathedral, Museums, Synagogues.



Ruta de la Princesa de Éboli: Pastrana

Castilla León



La Granja and Riofrío Palaces in Segovia

Santa Teresa of Avila Route

Salamanca: university and cathedrals


Burgos: Cathedral and Charterhouse de Miraflores